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We are Eagerly Awaiting Jesus Encounter

Jesus Encounter is coming up and the Timothy Initiative men are really excited about it. It is a conference that the Tampa Underground holds, a weekend filled with personal stories, interactive sessions, prayer and space to respond to Jesus, as the event’s website states. Plus, this intimate encounter with Jesus typically awakens something inside of the men they did not know was there.

Christian Lang, TI’s Certified Recovery Residence Administrator, recalled the story of Recovery Director Mike Malpede’s first Jesus Encounter.

“He hadn’t cried in six years, hadn’t shed a tear, didn’t know if he even could. And in the first session, at the very beginning it took this big burly man and turned him into this sobbing puddle,” Lang said. “The love of God comes in and breaks a man down.”

Please pray for the men as several are attending this event for the first time. Pray that Jesus may tear down those walls.

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