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Timothy Initiative Has Some New Friends at Tampa Christian Fellowship

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Pastor Sixto Ward prays over John at a Thursday night worship service.

Timothy Initiative has been partnering with Tampa Christian Fellowship (TCF), a spirit-led church on Fletcher in North Tampa.

“The relationship has been very God orchestrated,” said Christian Lang, TI’s Recovery Coordinator. “Pastor Sixto had been trying to meet George for six years, and then this season they met and all of a sudden it just clicked.”

Christian said that TI is aiming to be led by the spirit more nowadays, and TCF has provided that opportunity with amazing worship nights. In the accompanying pictures you can see the Holy Spirit on display during one of these nights.

"It was really cool, because it was like one guy would get prayed for and he would turn around and pray for the next guy," he said.

Christian added that Pastor Sixto Ward has also been trying to help TI get resources, and is even working to help them procure a house pretty soon. Additionally, TCF is providing food for The Well, a food pantry that is also part of The Underground Network.

Pastor George praying for Cody.

Cody praying for George.

Pastor Sixto speaking before Cody (left) and Joe (right, banana shirt)

Christian and the worship director at TCF loading a van for hurricane relief in Georgia.

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