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TI is Taking a Leap of Faith Into Its Own 501(c)(3)

The Timothy Initiative is working hard to get their 501(c)(3) status established. Up until this point, they have been under the Underground Network’s umbrella, meaning that any donation has be donated through the Underground before being allocated to Timothy Initiative. So, if someone wanted to donate, they would have to officially give it to The Underground, who would then have to turn and give it to TI.

“This just opens up a million doors,” said Christian Lang, TI’s recovery coordinator. He related it to how the Salvation Army operates its thrift store. For TI, however, they have a construction business, Initiative Builds, that provides job training and a form of income for the men. Builds and TI have always operated independent of each other since Builds was started; however obtaining 501(c)(3) status would open the possibility of merging the two.

The application was labored over and they are about to submit it. Then will come the waiting game.

Christian said they want this in order to step into the capability and power that God intended from the very beginning.

“It’s giving Builds that dominion that God gave Adam,” Christian said, referencing a passage in Acts 20: “All of the things that Paul had, he had to work for with his own hands.”

Please join the men in prayer as they work to prepare everything and then await the response from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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