TI Guys: Joe Carr

This month we are celebrating Joe Carr, a brother who has been with us for four consecutive years. He has a little more than four and half years of sobriety, and has been a shining example of what it means to be an Initiative man. He may love car audio more than anyone should, but we still love him and feel honored to walk this journey with him. 

Joe came to us in 2014 after a leave from the salvation army. He had nowhere to go, and wanted to maintain what little sobriety he had, and he'd heard about a crazy tattooed pastor who lived on E. 22nd ave in V.M. Ybor. Yes, that was Pastor George Wood.

Joe recalls the first time he met Pastor George: "I walked into what appeared to be a garage, and was met by a guy covered in tattoos with dreads down the middle of his back. At that moment I thought, if THIS guy follows Jesus, I think I might have a chance." 

We welcomed Joe into our community that day. He did not know what he was getting into, but he found a home.

Joe accepted Christ at Jesus Encounter in 2014 and he hasn't left since. His commitment to Jesus and TI has propelled him into a life he never could have imagined. For example, next year Joe will enter a dual partnership with Pastor George to take over operations of Initiative Builds.

We want to thank everyone who helped make a way for Joe to discover a life that seemed unachievable. We are blessed to have him. 

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