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Pastor George Passes the Torch to Mike

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Pastor George Wood has a challenge before him since he has now given up his position as director of the Timothy Initiative. After 11 years of leading men to recovery through the ministry he founded, George has shifted to being the director of the Underground Network’s new Pastoral Care and Counseling Department.

George is at peace about the transition, though, because he said he is handing things to a very capable leadership team, headed by the new director Mike Malpede. Mike has been a key figure at the Timothy Initiative since joining in 2015. He has served in various roles with the ministry, most recently the recovery director.

“It’s every discipler’s goal to be able to work themselves out of a job. And to actually be able to see that come to fulfillment after 11 years of doing this is really amazing,” George said. “The 11 years have achieved a lot of things, but not just (filling) the director (position), but an entire leadership team.”

About Mike, George was most impacted by seeing how Mike worked to earn back the love and trust of his daughter. A big part of his testimony, he lost custody of her in 2012 due his drug abuse, and after years of rock bottom living he stepped into TI in 2015, where everything changed. Here, he found his community and discovered the cleansing grace of Jesus. He also slowly earned back both the custody and trust of his daughter.

The effort he put into that relationship alone was what got George’s attention.

“I’ve seen him do such amazing work at restoring his life and his relationship with his daughter, encountering all sorts of difficulties and trials in order to achieve it,” George said. “Then I knew that he was the right man. Because he did something I’d seen hundreds of men fail at. Let’s even say 98 percent of men that came before him failed.”

Mike is also very excited about the opportunity to serve in this role.

“I was more than honored. George has been walking alongside me for almost 4 years now. Biblically it reminds me similar of Paul and Timothy. I am truly dedicated and I will sacrifice my life for the ministry and the men in it.”

And though George is moving onto another positions, he is moving into an executive director position with TI, in which he will oversee the big picture matters. He said they are hoping to plant TI in other cities and will be finishing the 501c3.

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