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MILESTONES - Both Marc and Cody Reach One Year of Sobriety With TI

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

For an addict, one year of sobriety is a remarkable achievement. So hats off to two of our brothers who have made it here with us: Cody and Marc.

This is Marc. He is from Tampa. He had earned a business degree and was working a job in sales until he lost that job and hit rock bottom, living out of his car and fighting addiction. Marc went to the Salvation Army and stayed there for six months and actually had eight months of sobriety before he even joined the Timothy Initiative. So that's 20 months in all (and counting). He has been working hard on his relationship with Jesus. He even represented TI on a mission trip to Haiti. We are blessed to have him with us, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Way to go, Marc!

Above, Cody (left) is prayed over by his house leader, Joe, after receiving his one-year sobriety medallion. Cody is from Pinellas County. Before he came to Timothy Initiative he had struggled with addiction and was being treated at the ACTS Adult Addition Receiving Facility. He had been in and out of recovery for years, but once he came here he locked in, committed his life to Christ and hasn’t left. Congrats, Cody! We are proud of you, brother.

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