Love is in the Air (Part 2)

Joe and Lindsay Carr

We now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Lindsay Carr! On May 4th two members of our community took the forever plunge into a life of marriage. They were wed at the Underground HUB by George and Julie and we all celebrated as they vowed to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. We are so thankful for them and the powerhouse they have been over the years.

Joe and Lindsay have both been apart of our community for many years. Lindsay helped Pastor George form the foundation of TI in 2008, after the sudden deaths of both his brother James and sister Sue. Lindsay has seen a lot of TI men succeed and fail over the years and has been a rock through it all. Lindsay is also the former Chairwoman of the board and still handles the review process for our men. She has made Jesus the main focus of her life while working 50 hours a week managing a hotel and advocating for children as a guardian ad litem. We are thankful for her life and for all the work she has done for our men.

Joe Carr came into TI 4.5 years ago after leaving the Salvation Army. Joe wasn't sure what he wanted in life, but he knew that he need something different. Joe sprouted quickly with TI despite his reluctance to engage in the construction field and in his relationship with Jesus. Around his 60 day mark with TI George came to him and asked him to be a job leader for Initiative Builds. Joe hesitantly accepted the position and has stayed on ever since. He is not the President of Initiative Builds, teaching men the value of a days work and teaching them skills for future employment.

Throughout their time with our community they have always remained close friends, sharing in the life we all have together and eventually began dating two years ago. After some ups and downs Joe finally came to his senses and asked Lindsay to be his wife, and she said "Yes!" (obviously).

After many years embracing singleness with Jesus, they are now united together as one with Christ at the center. After their wedding they took a trip to the Bahamas and have since settled into their new apartment on E 22nd with the rest of the 909 community. They are both still with us and we are excited to see how God will use them for years to come!!!

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