Timothy Initiative Ministries

We are so much more than just a mens ministry


Project Initiative is our outreach ministry providing services to the local population of Ybor area. Focused on providing resources and services that empower the local community. Services include minor transportation, replacement ID documents, connection to local community services, and food stuffs.

Additionally, Project Initiative serves as the hub for our other ministries and partners. By providing an office space and resources for these ministries, Project Initiative is able to help support and grow the ministries in the community.


To see the world set free by loving our neighbor as ourselves and actually helping one another. Engaging, educating, equipping, and empowering communities to develop a more empathetic and loving society. 

We are here to change the message of shame that currently surrounds anyone in recovery, especially those affected by addiction, mental health struggles or suicidal thoughts. The truth is we are all in need of recovery from something, and rather than hiding, let’s bring recovery to the forefront of our lives so that we can all begin to heal.

We aim to make hope and recovery accessible to those in need and educating communities how to walk alongside those struggling with addiction, mental health, and suicidal thoughts. We seek to rebuild the message of recovery, finding the intersection of an authentic faith that looks like Jesus, and science in order to walk in radical freedom. Ultimately, we want to help all those who don't know who they are find their true identity's as beloved sons and daughters.


Timothy Initiative Recovery Homes

Sober-living communities where men have jobs, pay rent, and reside with full accountability in authentic community.

              Initiative Builds

The men that are part of the Timothy Initiative program phase work together daily to learn and relearn how to do construction trades and be productive employees.


Raw, real conversations Uncovering ways of looking at faith, addiction, mental health, suicide prevention and how we are ALL in recovery.