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At the Timothy Initiative, we take pride in developing leaders within our ministry. It mirrors our commitment to cultivate disciples who unconventionally follow Jesus in a radical lifestyle of community.  We reject the paradigm of hiring “professionals” to govern our community without any involvement in it.  In order for our approach to function effectively our leaders must demonstrate certain characteristics daily: constant and detailed communication, an attitude of shared empowerment, a conscious awareness of the delineation of responsibilities, a submission to structure, a sold-out commitment to Jesus, a willingness to participate in our shared vision, a spirit of encouragement, and a posture of servant leadership. This approach allows us to preserve our community with strong bonds of unity, experience, and empathy.

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Get in touch with The Timothy Initiative if you're seeking restoration or if you'd like more information on how to partner with us.

Chelsea Bunch

Part tax guru, part Quickbooks whisperer, and part dreamer, Chelsea helps us stay on the straight and narrow. She is passionate about improving health and fighting the root causes of addiction. She graduated with degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tulane University and a Masters of Public Health from USF. Somewhere along the way, her life took a sharp turn and became a vital part of the crew behind the scenes at Timothy Initiative and Initiative Business.