Donation Policy

1. Fundraising funds shall be solicited in a respectful manner and without pressure.

2. Donor-designated restrictions on contributions shall be honored to the fullest extent possible so long as they are consistent with Timothy Initiative Ministry’s goals and values.

3. Timothy Initiative Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and contributions made to the organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

4. Written tax receipts shall be issued for all donations. If the donor receives anything in exchange for their donation, such as a dinner or event admission, the tax receipt shall clearly state what portion of the donation is tax deductible.

5. At the beginning of each calendar year Timothy Initiative shall provide each donor who has contributed over the course of the prior year with written documentation of all tax deductible gifts received during the prior calendar year.

In Kind Donation Policy

Whereas there is the potential for controversy if certain in kind donations are accepted, the organization has adopted the following Gift Acceptance Policy: When considering whether to solicit or accept in kind donations, the organization will consider the following factors:


  • Values— Whether the acceptance of the gift compromises any of the core values of Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc.  

  • Compatibility— Whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor and the organization’s use of the gift  

  • Public Relationships— Whether acceptance of the gift will/may damage the reputation of Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc.  

  • Primary Benefit— Whether the primary benefit is to Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc. versus the donor. 

  • Consistency— Is acceptance of the gift consistent with prior practice?

  • Form of Gift— Is the gift offered in a form that Timothy Initiative can use without incurring substantial expense or difficulty?

  • Effect on Future Giving—Will the gift encourage or discourage future in kind donations? 


The following items can be gifted if they are owned by the person and are in good/ good working condition and meet the guidelines as stated in the in kind gifting policy. Any in kind donations given will become property of “Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc.” These in kind donations will be maintained by our organization or sold at fair market value. Any money received from these donations will be accounted for and used for the purposes of Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc.


Timothy Initiative Ministries Inc. has no obligation to accept any/all in kind donations.



TVs / Up to Date Electronics.

Furniture, Office Furniture, Patio Furniture



Motorized Recreational Vehicles



Construction Equipment

Yard tools and equipment

Household Goods


New Beading

Twin Mattresses